“The SCA notes that, in the Bill presented before Parliament on 15 April 2024, it advocated for the inclusion in its enabling Law of the obligation by the authorities to receive, analyze and follow-up on the recommendations made by the DPB, as well as on its thematic reports.

The SCA notes that annual, special, and thematic reports of NHRIs serve to highlight key national human rights concerns and provide a means by which these bodies can make recommendations to, and monitor respect for, human rights by authorities. In fulfilling its protection mandate, an NHRI must not only monitor, investigate, and report on the human rights situation in the country, it should also undertake rigorous and systematic follow up activities to promote and advocate for the implementation of its recommendations and findings, and the protection of those whose rights were found to have been violated.

The SCA is of the view that NHRIs are more effective when provided with the authority to monitor the extent to which public authorities follow their advice and recommendations. The SCA encourages governments to respond to advice and requests from NHRIs, and to indicate, within a reasonable time, how they have complied with their recommendations.

The SCA refers to Paris Principle A.3 and to its General Observation 1.6 on ´Recommendations by NHRIs´.”