“The NIHRB informed the SCA that it has signed 18 memoranda of understanding with civil society organizations. Further, that it has undertaken a range of human rights promotion initiatives with civil society organizations in Bahrain. However, the SCA is not satisfied that this provides sufficient evidence of effective and meaningful cooperation with civil society organizations, including human rights defenders, in the exercise of its protection mandate on serious human rights violations. 

Regular and constructive engagement with all relevant stakeholders is essential for NHRIs to effectively fulfil their mandates. NHRIs should develop, formalize, and maintain regular, constructive, and systematic working relationships with other domestic institutions and actors established for the promotion and protection of human rights. The interaction may include the sharing of knowledge, such as research studies, best practices, training programs, statistical information and data, and general information on its activities. 

The SCA urges the NIHRB to strengthen its cooperation with civil society organizations, particularly in the discharge of its protection mandate. 

The SCA refers to Paris Principles C (f) and (g) and to its General Observations 1.2 on ´Human Rights Mandate´ and 1.5 on ‘Cooperation with other human rights bodies.’ 

The SCA notes the following issue, which was not a ground for deferral, but was considered relevant to accreditation.”