Questionnaire to NHRIs on SDG indicator 16.10.1

Questionnaire to National Human Rights Institutions on SDG indicator 16.10.1 about violence against human rights defenders, journalists and trade unionists and on other SDG indicators under the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) custodianship

In pursuance of the Marrakech Declaration and the data collection methodology
endorsed by UN Member States for SDG indicators, the present questionnaire seeks to
collect information from national human rights institutions (NHRIs) concerning the
implementation of SDG indicator 16.10.1

Number of verified cases of killing, kidnapping,
enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention and torture of journalists, associated media
personnel, trade unionists and human rights advocates in the previous 12 months.

SDG indicator 16.10.1 is among the global indicators for the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly

The Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs),
composed of Member States, approved the metadata (i.e. detailed description) of this
indicator in 2017. The metadata draws on related methodological guidance provided by

This questionnaire is a follow-up to the Marrakech Declaration in which the Global
Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions expressed a strong commitment to:

“Monitor and report on civic space – online and offline – through the collection and
analysis of disaggregated data, including gender-based disaggregation and statistics
related to killings, fabricated legal charges, misuse of specific laws and other attacks
against human rights defenders, journalists and trade unionists, lawyers, students,
academics, in line with SDG indicator 16.10.1,”

The information sought specifically on indicator 16.10.1 relates to the following areas:
(a) Status of the SDG indicator’s implementation at country level;

(b) Availability of publicly accessible country data on violence against human
rights, journalists and trade unionists;

(c) Assessment of the general context and situation of human right defenders,
journalists and trade unionists in the country.

OHCHR is likewise seeking information on the inclusion of other SDG indicators
under its custodianship (10.3.1/16.b.1 on discrimination, 16.a.1 on national human rights
institutions, and 16.1.2 on conflict-related deaths) in the national lists of SDG indicators.
If you need assistance in providing the information requested in this questionnaire,
you may contact Mr. Marc Titus Cebreros, OHCHR SDG indicator 16.10.1 focal point, at