Outcome statement NHRIs and climate change

As final outcome of the 2020 Annual Conference, participating NHRI adopted a Statement at the end of the Conference. The Statement serves as a reference point and guide for NHRIs’ individual and collective actions on climate change.

With the statement NHRIs have recognized the need for climate justice for all and in particular those communities that are most vulnerable and susceptible to the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

NHRIs commit to contributing to climate action efforts in line with human rights obligations and principles of non-discrimination and participation at a national and international level. Strengthening the cooperation with existing environmental and climate initiatives as well as engaging with other NHRIs and through GANHRI as a platform for collaboration among, and a global voice of, NHRIs on this matter, are the key action points proclaimed in the statement.

To learn more about the commitments that NHRIs have listed in the statement in order to contribute to climate change action at a national and international level, visit our Climate Change page that gives a more detailed overview on the work of NHRIs related to climate change.