New NHRI accreditation database now available


We are delighted to launch the NHRI Accreditation Database.

The database is a valuable resource for GANHRI members, newly-established NHRIs and States committed to establishing and strengthening NHRIs. 

The NHRI Accreditation Database features recommendations developed by the GANHRI Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) since 2017, which seek to support and strengthen NHRIs to operate in compliance with the Paris Principles 

The recommendations are organised against the requirements set out in the Paris Principles and the General Observations, providing NHRIs with valuable insights into the criteria and steps that can be taken to promote their independence, effectiveness and credibility.

The database is currently available in English, with other GANHRI languages to be added.


What it offers 

The NHRI Accreditation Database provides: 

  • An overview of SCA recommendations, offering valuable guidance to NHRIs as they apply for accreditation or re-accreditation  
  • A clear overview of current SCA practice, enhancing transparency, objectivity and credibility of the accreditation process 
  • Insights into the evolution of the SCA’s jurisprudence, which contributes to certainty, consistency and coherence of the accreditation process. 

How it works 

This short video tutorial explains how to get the most from the NHRI Accreditation Database. 

 Supporting our members  

GANHRI holds two accreditation sessions each year, with the SCA’s decisions and recommendations made publicly available in a report following each session.  GANHRI provides information and technical support to help NHRIs participate confidently in their accreditation review.  

The NHRI Accreditation Database deepens this support, ensuring clarity and transparency on the criteria against which all NHRIs are reviewed. 

We are grateful for the support of the European Union to develop this database, as part of the Strong NHRIs project.