Dear National Human Rights Institutions,
The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Mr. Michel Forst, invites you to share information on human rights defenders operating in conflict and post-conflict areas, including in contexts of fragile states. Contributions received will inform the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on this topic, to be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2020. The report will be made publicly available at the OHCHR website and on the website of the Special Rapporteur. 
The report will mainly focus on the situation of human rights defenders in areas currently or recently affected by armed conflict, whether international or internal. It will also cover the situation of human rights defenders in areas under occupation. 
The survey is also available online in Spanish, French and Arabic (Please note that the Arabic and Spanish versions of the questionnaire is an unofficial translation of the original questionnaire in English and French):
Kindly submit the completed questionnaire electronically to no later than 31 October 2019, with the subject line: “Human Rights Defenders mandate: Submission to the Questionnaire.”