GANHRI pledges to continue working with UN partners in addressing climate change and environmental issues at HRC49 

11 March 2022, Geneva – GANHRI delivered a statement at the 49th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council, in response to annual report of the Special Rapporteur on the issue of human rights obligations relating to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

Welcoming the Special Rapporteur’s report on non-toxic environment, GANHRI supported the Rapporteur’s recommendation on the need for environmental justice over the disproportionate impacts of pollution that certain individuals and groups unjustifiably bear.

GANHRI welcomed that the Special Rapporteur highlighted in his report the vital role National Human Rights Institutions have played in defending the environmental and promoting human rights based responses to climate change.

“GANHRI will continue working with the Special Rapporteurs, UNDP, OHCHR and UNEP in addressing climate change and environmental issues for the protection and promotion of rights of present and future generations.” – said Maryam Abdullah Al Attiyah, newly elected GANHRI Chairperson.

GANHRI has established a Caucus of NHRIs from across the globe interested in working together on human rights and climate change. The Caucus aims at providing opportunities to discuss, debate, share knowledge and collect experiences, as well as coordinate actions and activities on NHRIs human rights and climate change work.

Statement Right to Environment