GANHRI Working Groups on ageing and on business and human rights meet to discuss future plans 

The Working Group on ageing and human rights of older persons met on 23 June in a hybrid format to discuss upcoming opportunities for engagement in the promotion and protection of human rights of older persons at the international level. 

The meeting highlighted the importance for NHRIs to be involved with the activities of the cross-regional core group established at the OEWGA of this year and with a series of international meetings including the OHCHR multistakeholder’s meeting in August and the international conference on the rights of older persons in Korea in October 2022.

Members of the Working Group discussed the strategy to adopt to make NHRIs’ voices heard at the international level during relevant occasions and introduced the work of the Core Group and numerous opportunities for engagement. 

Bridget Sleap from Human Rights Watch reiterated the critical role NHRIs have in advocating for a new convention on the rights of older persons in order to guarantee dignity in older age.

Claudia Mahler, Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, intervened during the meeting and updated the Working Group on her activities. She strongly encouraged NHRIs to “aim high” and to focus their action at the national level and involve parliaments in the discussion. 

The GANHRI Working Group on Business and Human Rights organised an online learning call on 27 June on due diligence. Human rights due diligence is a way for enterprises to proactively manage potential and actual adverse human rights impacts with which they are involved.  

The meeting provided an opportunity to share updates on relevant processes, as well as updates of events on BHR. Gabrielle Holly (NHRI Denmark) and Anais Schill (NHRI France) presented on EU’s proposal for a due diligence law, what it means for those outside the EU and how it fits into the broader EU regulatory landscape. 

The NHRI of Chile also presented a report of the various EU initiatives related to business and human rights, including on corporate sustainability, sustainable finance and import controls. 

Another learning call is scheduled for the 27 September on the topic of “Remedies”.