GANHRI members adopt amendments to the GANHRI Statute, further consolidating the rigour of the accreditation process


During the General Assembly held on 15th of March during the 2023 GANHRI Annual Meeting, GANHRI members adopted a series of significant amendments to the GANHRI Statute. 

The amendments, which have been adopted by consensus,  further enhance the rigour of the accreditation process by enabling that both A-status and B-status accredited NHRIs may be subject to a Special Review or Suspension of accreditation status  if their circumstances changed in a way that may affect their compliance with the Paris Principles. 

The new Statute as amended now also provides GANHRI’s Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) with the ability to recommend the removal of the accreditation status of an NHRI where it can no longer be considered to be operating in compliance with the Paris Principles. 

The adoption of the amendments to the GANHRI Statute was preceded by a consultative and participatory process, involving all GANHRI members, the GANHRI Bureau, the SCA, and the UN Human Rights Office as SCA Secretariat.  

The accreditation process, which reviews the compliance of an established institution with the United Nations Paris Principles, is at the heart of GANHRI’s mandate and takes place under the auspices of the United Nations Human Rights Office, also acting as GANHRI’s SCA Secretariat. 

Accreditation promotes independence, pluralism, accountability, and impartiality of NHRIs, by strengthening their mandate and ensuring the respect and integrity of the Paris Principles at the global level.  

GANHRI Statute adopted 03.2023