GANHRI reiterates at HRC51 the need to provide a safe environment for NHRIs at the global level  

3 October 2022Today at the 51st session of the Human Rights Council we welcomed the Secretary General report on NHRIs and on our activities in accrediting NHRIs in compliance with the Paris Principles. 

The report has highlighted a substantive increase in the engagements of NHRIs with UN human rights system and we welcomed the longstanding partnership with the United Nations through its different agencies that helped us in supporting and connecting NHRIS worldwide. 

As noted by the Secretary General’s report, GANHRI’s rigorous, peer-based international accreditation process has allowed for an increased recognition of independent Paris-Principle compliant NHRIs. “Independent and strong NHRIs are a crucial and reliable source of information for UN treaty bodies and agencies, and these channels of communications must be protected“ – said Maryam Al Attiyah, GANHRI Chairperson.  

NHRIs however, are only able to fulfill their broad and unique mandate when receiving adequate resources from member states. 

In our written statement we called on states to strengthen their support and provide a safe environment for the effectiveness of NHRIs work. 

Finally, we encouraged member states that have not yet done so, to increase human rights protection of their national population through the establishment of independent and well-resourced NHRIs. 


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