The coordination among national human rights actors as key to effective engagement with the UN Human Rights System   

Plenary Panel 1 at 2021 Annual Conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform

12 October 2021 – 9:45 – 11:15 (CEST)    /  In Geneva Maison de la Paix (Pétale 5) and Online on Zoom

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In the context of the 2021 Annual Conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform, this panel sponsored by GANHRI, CCPR Centre, the Danish Institute for Human rights, the International Service for Human Rights, the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights and OHCHR, will focus on the importance of coordination at the national level and will discuss the capacity of different domestic actors to mutually engage with each other and liaise with UN human rights mechanisms in the context of monitoring, implementation and follow-up.

More specifically, this session will discuss the capacity of different domestic actors to coordinate and jointly facilitate the preparation of both state reports and alternative reports to UN human rights mechanisms, the facilitation of visits by special procedure mandate holders as well as the preparation of responses to recommendations, requests for follow-up and communications received from such mechanisms. Mirroring this national coordination, it will discuss the need for coordination at international level among the UN human rights mechanisms to deliver in a coherent and interconnected way, facilitating national uptake and engagement.

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Thematic session “Environment and human rights: How do national human rights actors address this link and how do they engage with Geneva-based international mechanisms?”

12 October 14:00 – 15:30 (CET) – In Geneva Maison de la Paix (Pétale 5) and Online on Zoom

Climate change and other environmental crises are negatively affecting the full enjoyment of a broad range of human rights, both civil and political, and economic, social and cultural. In this context, all national human rights actors have a role to play at domestic level, whether by implementing policies to tackle environmental degradation, biodiversity loss or climate change; supporting the integration of human rights in national climate policies; raising awareness among officials and the public and providing technical advice to governments and parliaments.

This thematic session will see the participation of Michael Windfuhr, Deputy Director of the German Institute for Human Rights representing GANHRI and Adele Metheson Mestad, Director of the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution as speakers.

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Read concept note & agenda here