Ensuring accessibility during lockdown

Because of the crisis, many NHRIs have had to close their offices to comply with health and sanitary regulations in their countries. Physical access to their facilities has thus been limited. Many NHRIs are using their webpages and social media, to ensure accessibility and communications flows with rights holders.

The Procuraduria de Derechos Humanos of Guatemala set up a call center available 24/7 to deal with human rights complaints by phone or email.

The Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines has set up online reporting portals to be able to reach and provide assistance to victims gender-based violence amid the implementation of the nationwide community quarantine. The Commission also launched a programwhich aims at offering immediate legal assistance to actual or threatened victims of human rights violations, who may report the incidents through phone call, social media or e-mail. The program is also open to migrants and their families.