Call for inputs on the Draft statement on “Non-State actors and enforced disappearances in the context of the Convention of the Protection of all Persons against Enforced Disappearances”

Input/comments must be sent by e-mail by 30 August 2022 23:00 CEST.


Over its past sessions, the Committee on Enforced Disappearances has addressed the issue of disappearances committed by non-State actors. In that same period, the Committee held informal consultations with various actors on the topic. At its 22nd session, the Committee adopted a draft statement, with the view to clarify the applicability of the Convention with regard to acts committed by non-State actors, related obligations of States parties, as well as implications in terms of the functions entrusted to the Committee.


To count with inputs, suggestions and comments on the draft statement.

Document of reference

CED draft statement on “Non-State actors and enforced disappearances”

How inputs will be used

All inputs will be transmitted to CED experts. When submitting your contribution, please specify if you wish it to be made public or not. Public submissions will be uploaded on the Committee’s webpage in their original language only. The others will be kept confidential.

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