GANHRI 2022 Annual report: A year in review 

This past year has been one of great challenge for all who work to uphold human rights. The consultations for our Global Action Plan on Human Rights Defenders and Civic Space revealed concerning developments in all regions, especially following the imposition of national COVID-19 restrictions.

Supporting NHRIs to be strong and independent, and protecting them when they face reprisals, is one of the most important contributions GANHRI can make to promote and protect the human rights on the ground.

The work of NHRIs – to monitor, investigate, report, advise and educate – is essential to help translate international human rights obligations into lived realities for all people.

Despite the many challenges facing NHRIs, this is also a time for hope. 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Principles by the UN General Assembly, setting the framework for independent NHRIs all around the world. In the same year, GANHRI was formed with the mission to establish, support, strengthen and be a voice for NHRIs.

Our 2022 Annual Report documents what we achieved together to promote and protect human rights across the globe. 




During 2022, we continued to encourage and support the establishment of independent NHRIs, in conformity with the Paris Principles. We hosted a retreat for the SCA as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the accreditation process and provide support to our members.

We acted strategically to protect NHRIs under threat, in close coordination with the concerned NHRI, the regional NHRI network, UN partners and others.

States were reminded of their responsibility to protect NHRIs from threats and reprisals in the annual resolution on NHRIs, adopted by the Human Rights Council in October 2022.

This year marked the start of a three-year programme of support for NHRIs, funded by the European Union through the third phase of the NHRI-EU project.
The Project will support and equip NHRIs, along with their global and regional networks, in their efforts to promote and protect the rights of all people. A strong and collaborative partnership between GANHRI and the four regional NHRI networks has been established to work towards this goal.

We launched our Global Action Plan on Human Rights Defenders and Civic Space with the aim of strengthening the capacity of NHRIs to monitor civic space and the situation of human rights defenders and supporting the establishment of protection mechanisms for HRDs.

To help members to respond to the human rights impacts of climate change, we published a Practical Guidance for NHRIs on Addressing Human Rights and Climate Change.

We organised or co-hosted 15 webinars and online and in person discussions for NHRIs during 2022, involving an average of 100 participants for each event.

Our 2022 GANHRI Annual Meeting brought together more than 150 representatives from NHRIs, UN agencies and other partners. The online gathering included the meeting of the GANHRI Bureau, the General Assembly and an interactive session for NHRIs to exchange good practices on digitalisation.

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