GANHRI’s strength relies greatly on the solidity of its partnerships. As a convener between NHRIs and United Nations mechanisms, GANHRI has built strong bonds with several organizations over the years to maximize synergies and bring NHRIs’ expertise to develop sound international policies on human rights.

Tripartite Partnership GANHRI-UNDP-OHCHR

The TPP-NHRIs aims to strengthen NHRIs in their capacity to promote and protect human rights, individually and through their regional and global networks resulting in increased fulfilment of human rights for all people.

The TPP-NHRI has five main objectives: GANHRIs institutional capacity and ability to achieve its strategic goals are strengthened; Effectiveness of the four Regional Networks of NHRIs is enhanced; Country support and capacity building to equip NHRIs to optimally fulfil their mandate, including engaging with International Mechanisms is enhanced; NHRIs efforts towards the 2030 Agenda and efforts to Leave No One Behind are supported; NHRIs’ role in sustaining peace is strengthened, including in prevention and early warning.

Other partners

Other partners

GANHRI has, and continues to, forge global partnerships in support of NHRIs, with UN agencies like UN Women, UNICEF and UNCHR, as well as with civil society organisations, NGOs and academia.