Our learning and knowledge management system

Fuse is an exciting communication, learning and collaboration platform that lets members create, share and access knowledge.

This community is a digital learning space for NHRIs and in this community you will be able to learn from experiences of your peers across the region, share successes and challenges and ask advice and support each other towards a common goal.

On the different communities you can find and share documents, videos, pictures, agendas, etc.

But above all, this platform is your space, where you can exchange ideas, share pictures and documents, ask questions amongst yourselves.

There is a series of videos on the “Welcome to Fuse!” Community to help you understand how to navigate through the community.

You can also download the app on your mobile and tablet!

1. Contact us to receive a login to the platform

2. Search for “Fuse Next-Gen Learning” on the App store or Play store

3. Download and install the app

4. Enter “GANHRI” as the company

We are looking forward to have you on the platform!

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Human rights dimension of Covid-19 response

Human rights dimension of Covid-19 response

To help our members stay connected and exchange information, we have set up an online community on the human rights dimensions of the crisis. The community is hosted within GANHRI’s FUSE platform and is open to any NHRI member wishing to join. Everyone can use this community to share experiences, post relevant information, discuss approaches, and ask for assistance, advice and support from peer institutions and networks.


You belong to a member NHRI and you wish to join our online community of practices. Please, send an email to:  fuse@ganhri.org