GANHRI leadership meets in Doha to reflect on vision and priorities for the new term 

Doha, Geneva, 10 May 2022The GANHRI leadership met in Doha, Qatar, for a two-day retreat, to discuss vision and priorities for the term of the new GANHRI leadership.  

Organised at the initiative of GANHRI Chairperson Maryam Al Attiyah, the retreat provided the Chairperson, Secretary, and Geneva-based Representative and Head Office a timely opportunity to share vision and expectations, review GANHRI’s operational context and discuss progress and challenges against GANHRI’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022.  

The GANHRI Strategic Plan 2020-2022, including each of its 4 Strategic Objectives and Goals, as well as the organisation’s 2022 workplan, adopted by GANHRI’s General Assembly in March, served as the framework for the discussions.  

“GANHRI members around the world can count on my commitment and dedication, to support each of them in their critical yet often daunting human rights work” said Chairperson Al Attiyah at the retreat’s opening.  

“In line with our Strategic Priorities, we will also continue strengthening GANHRI as a membership-based organisation, and build opportunities of working with each other, and with our partners, to learn from the wealth and diversity of experiences from across our member and share good practices. This includes supporting our members build institutional strength and growth” she continued.   

At the GANHRI Annual Meeting in March 2022, the GANHRI General Assembly elected Maryam Al Attiyah of Qatar as GANHRI Chairperson and Amina Bouayach of Morocco as GANHRI Secretary, for a three-year term.   

On the margins of the retreat, GANHRI representatives visited the Center for Evacuees from Afghanistan, based in Doha.  

“We are privileged to meet Afghan evacuees here in Doha – and hear their stories. We express deep appreciation to Qatar for the safe evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghans and other evacuees from Afghanistan to safe places around the world” said GANHRI Representative Katharina Rose during the visit of the Center.  

Following the Taliban de facto takeover in August 2021, GANHRI in coordination with partners has been supporting the evacuation of members and staff from Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission, many of which at risk or high risk for their human rights work. 

Meetings were also held with Chairperson Maria Arena of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights, as well as with Secretary General Niccolo Figa-Talamanca of No Peace without Justice.  

All participants warmly thanked the National Human Rights Committee of Qatar, for their generous hospitality throughout the retreat, and expressed deep appreciation for the quality of the exchanges and discussions they had.   

GANHRI’s next institutional meeting with be the meeting of its Bureau, comprised of 16 members from all regions, including Chairperson and Secretary. The Bureau meeting will take place in the second half of 2022.