Climate change and NHRIs

NHRI Caucus on Human Rights and Climate Change 

In light of the specific collaboration and cooperation with the UN partners on climate change, GANHRI is facilitating the establishment of a Caucus of NHRIs interested in working together on human rights and climate change.  

The “Caucus” is a unique place where NHRIs from all four regions have an opportunity to discuss, debate, share knowledge and identify and collect experiences, as well as coordinate actions and activities. The Caucus has an initial term of two years, until the end of 2022, which coincides with the implementation period of the current GANHRI Strategic plan.   

The Objectives of the Caucus will be:  

  1. To promote cooperation and information sharing among NHRIs across all regions through the exchange of good practices and lessons learned on human rights and climate change. 
  1. To contribute to the achievement of the goals of the GANHRI Strategic Plan (2020-2022) in the thematic area of human rights and climate change, including through supporting GANHRI’ s implementation of activities with UNEP cooperation with other UN partners. 
  1. To substantially contribute to GANHRI’s engagement and advocacy on Climate Change at the global level, in particular coordinate GANHRI’s and NHRIs’ engagement in the COP 26 meeting and other relevant thematic meetings. 

The Caucus will actively be working in close coordination with the GANHRI Head Office, as well as with similar regional working groups, when they exist, and with fellow UN partners such as UNDP, OHCHR and UNEP. 

If you are interested in joining the Caucus please contact