Global Consultation with NHRIs on Advancing Implementation of the Global Compact for Migration 

27 January – 12:00-14:30 CET   I  Online event

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided into English, French, and Spanish.  


The Global Compact for Migration (GCM), adopted in 2018 by the UN General Assembly, is a significant commitment from governments to take a people-centered and human rights-based approach to migration policy and to work together towards the achievement of the GMC’s 23 objectives and 10 of cross-cutting and interdependent guiding principles.

The GCM recognises the critical role of NHRIs in the promotion and protection of the rights of all people including migrants, and encourages NHRIs, GANHRI and NHRI regional networks to engage in GCM implementation, follow-up and review, at national, regional and global levels

NHRIs have a leadership role in promoting awareness about the GCM, in advising on, and monitoring its implementation from a human rights-based approach, and in giving practical meaning to its whole-of-society approach, by promoting participation and consultative approaches with all.  

GANHRI and NHRIs from all regions have actively engaged at all stages in the process of developing and implementation of the GCM. The first ever International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) to be held by the UN General Assembly will take place on 10-13 May 2022 and will assess the status of the implementation of the GCM, with the participation governments, migrants, NGOs, NHRIs and all other relevant stakeholders.


The objectives of the consultation are to raise awareness among NHRIs about the GCM and review processes including the IMRF, and to discuss NHRIs’ experiences in advancing GCM implementation and identify collective priorities moving forward 

Specifically, the objectives are:  

  • To share information with NHRIs about the IMRF and related processes. 
  • To take stock of NHRIs’ experiences and lessons in promoting implementation of the GCM, and identify promising practices.  
  • To identify opportunities for NHRIs to use the IMRF to review and advance GCM implementation at the national, regional and global level. 
  • To identify collective migration-related human rights concerns, and priorities, for NHRIs moving forward.  

The consultation is co-hosted by GANHRI and OHCHR and will have an informal open plenary and break out group sessions, to promote interaction and exchanges by all participants.  

The consultation is open only to GANHRI members and invited partners.

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